Story of Zacchaeus the Publican

The story of Zacchaeus the Publican and his conversion takes place in Jericho , a town in the province of Judea, in the Jordan River valley . Jericho had a vast green area with cereal plantations.

There were still many vines, fig pregação sobre zaqueu , date palms and palm trees. A city where several walls were torn down.We can learn very valuable lessons by looking at the facts described in the text of Luke 19: 1-10.

The Publicans

During the domination of Rome over Judea, society was divided into several classes, among which the publicans were generally responsible for the collection and collection of fees, taxes and taxes .

“And when Jesus came into Jericho, he passed by. and this was a chief of the tax collectors, and he was rich. ”

Luke 19: 1-2

The publicans were very strongly repudiated by the Pharisees . Many publicans charged more taxes than they should by doing extortion. They enriched illicitly. They were considered traitors, sneakers, and thieves.

This hatred extended to their families as well.

The publicans were barred from attending the temple and expelled from the synagogues. Pointed wherever they passed, isolated from their countrymen, they were counted as vile sinners .

Who was Zacchaeus the tax collector?

Zacchaeus, like every good Jew, was taught in the way of the law of Moses and the prophets. Zacchaeus was introduced to the temple, circumcised, and participated in the feasts and ordinances provided by Judaism.

True religion was the greatest precept in the life of a Jew. Many prophets in the past expressed joy and the joy of serving God rightly.

But Zacchaeus began to notice that Judaism was no longer the same. It was corrupted. The temple was full of robber merchants.

The Pharisees were well dressed, but their hearts were full of prey and wickedness. Jesus himself had already called them whitewashed graves.

The teachings of Moses and the prophets were desecrated. The chief priests were corrupt murderers. The blind and the lame were thrown to their own devices. The care of the widow and orphan was neglected.

The people were manipulated by the Sanhedrin . Hypocrisy took over the nation. So Zacchaeus also became corrupted, thought of wealth and luxury. He allied himself with Rome by becoming a publican.

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