How to find a good dentist in Krakow?

How to find a good dentist in Krakow?

The patient comes to the dental office and feels fear: before the dentist, pain and before the treatment. Anxiety arouses in him the view of the overall, tools, and blood. Asking to open the mouth, view of the drill or red spot in the cuspidor, or just the awareness that the dentist is working on the tooth, and the tissue bleeds, can lead to panic, faster heart and breathing, shortness of breath or – which also happens – fainting in vasovagal reaction (vasodilatation and slowing of the heartbeat or lowering of blood pressure).

Reactions with regard to these situations are exaggerated – in a dental office the patient may feel very safe. This is how the phobias manifest themselves – the nightmare of the patients themselves, but also of the dentists. Phobias can also avoid situations in which they appear [1] . Dentophobia is just one of them.

We present phobias that can hinder the treatment of teeth and cooperation between the dentist and the patient.

Dentophobia (odontophobia) , or fear of a dentist, orthodontist, dental treatment [2] – a famed phobia and the most common one in patients of all ages. In the youngest generation, thankfully, less and less frequently – due to the greater awareness of parents who are wisely preparing children for a meeting with a dentist,

as well as more modern dental treatment techniques compared to what a dentist could offer a few decades ago. Her variation is jatrophexia , or anxiety in general for doctors. As dentists now also wear colored or monochrome (but not white) medical aprons, the leukophobia , or panic fear of white , is also becoming less and less common .

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